Friday 11 October 2024



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Plowright Theatre



Dale is a miner, but his livelihood is being ripped away from him and his community. But are they going to give up their jobs without a fight? Absolutely not.

It's 1984, join Dale and his mates as they face all the excitement, brutality and fury that the strike throws at them. Punches at the picket line, pints in the pub, battering's at Orgreave, Undermined sees the real story of the strike based on the stories of miners who were there.

This powerful, energetic and deeply human story, told with only one man, one chair and one pint, will have you laughing, crying and shaking with anger.

Undermined was first written by Danny for the 30th anniversary of the miners' strike and now for the 40th anniversary in 2024, Danny gives this important and personal play a final outing. The show is a powerful call for unity in a time where society has become fractured, but what lessons can we learn from the strike?

This thoroughly accurate and provocative play will make you question what has changed in a world that seems more divided than ever.

Recommended Age 14+

Undermined is quite simply the best example of theatre telling a political story without labouring the point

Fringe Review

Whether you know the history of the miners' strike inside out or know nothing about it, you will take a lot from this show. If you get a chance, go

Morning Star

Other actors could do with taking a leaf out of Danny Mellor's book. The book would be called 'How to do a One Man Show Properly'

EdFringe Review