Terms And Conditions

We work hard to ensure that our audiences can enjoy live entertainment in a safe and welcoming environment. The information below is to give you some guidance on some of the policies and processes which help us do that.

Consideration For Others

  • We will refuse admission, or ask to leave the venue, anyone with the potential to be a danger or disturbance to other customers, to staff, or the performance
  • The use of mobile phones, cameras and any form of recording equipment is strictly prohibited anywhere in the auditorium. All electronic equipment should be disabled when inside the auditorium.
  • Those with responsibility for children, school parties or those in need of special care are asked to ensure appropriate behaviour is followed in the venue.

Safety & Security

  • Please follow any guidance or instructions given by our staff.
  • Every customer entering the venue must be in the possession of a valid ticket.
  • All entry constitutes consent to search. Failure to co-operate with any security searches may result in you being refused entry to the venue.
  • Bag checks and searches may be in operation. There is no bag storage, so customers are asked to bring only what they need to the theatre. Bags must be able to fit under your seat without causing an obstruction.
  • All items brought to the venue, are allowed in at the management's discretion. Anything we believe may cause danger or disruption at any event or has the potential to affect the enjoyment of others, must be disposed of, or surrendered on request.
  • Please keep personal items with you. We cannot accept responsibility for your personal property.
  • Everyone attending our venues consents to being filmed or recorded by the police or other security staff for the purpose of safety and monitoring.
  • We ask you to comply with all safety announcements and venue regulations whilst attending the performance. If you engage in any behaviour likely to cause damage, nuisance or injury, you will be asked to leave.
  • Audiences are encouraged to report to staff any unusual activity in or around the theatre.


  • By purchasing our tickets, you agree that that these can't be resold for profit through any means. This will result in tickets being declared void. If you see tickets for sale on another site (Facebook, eBay etc) these tickets will not be valid, and you will not be permitted to the event.
  • We reserve the right to amend or make alterations to the published details of events.
  • Where a show is going ahead as planned, tickets are non-refundable. However, if you have booked tickets through Ticketmaster you can resell them through their fan-to-fan ticket exchange.
  • If a show is rescheduled, your original tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date; if you can't make the rescheduled ate, refunds will be offered. Where a show is cancelled, all customers are contacted, and tickets will be automatically refunded.
  • For operational or other reasons, we may sometimes need to provide you with an alternative seat if it is not possible for you to occupy the seat listed on your ticket.
  • When advertised, special offers are subject to availability and restrictions. No two offers can be used in conjunction with one another and offers can't be applied retrospectively.
  • Single Seat Policy - we are committed to ensuring that our performances are as fully attended as possible, both in the interests of our performers and our audiences. Occasionally, potential occupancy is compromised if we are left with unsold single seats, and so we need to manage the supply of tickets. In most cases our single seat policy doesn't hinder the ticket purchase process, but there will be instances when the online purchase will not permit the sale of two tickets because it would leave a single seat. We understand that customers may have specific access requirements and we would always do our best to cater for these, offering alternative solutions. If you would like further information on the policy, please contact our Box Office.
  • With each seat ticket, you are permitted to stand or dance within the designated seat space. However, please be respectful and mindful of other members of the audience. If someone stands or dances in front of you and restricts your view, we will not be able to provide a refund.


  • Attending the venue means you consent to being filmed or recorded by the Council, the promoter, or another authorised third party, and consent to your images being used in any film, recording, photograph of the event. All rights in the recording shall be owned by the promoter, authorised third party or the Council.

Food & Drink

  • We do not permit food and beverages of any kind to be brought into the venue, except where a customer has specific medical requirements in this respect. In these circumstances, you should contact the venue in advance of your visit, so arrangements can be made.
  • Customers are requested to consume food and drink with consideration for other audience members, and minimal disruption to the performance. Food items which generate noise and odours are not to be consumed inside the auditorium.
  • Glass, cans, metal and ceramic containers are not permitted inside the auditorium for the safety of our customers, staff and artists.
  • We may refuse entry to the venue or the auditorium to customers who appear to be under the influence of illegal drugs or heavily intoxicated.
  • For certain performances, we may prohibit consumption of alcoholic drinks inside the auditorium and the bar may be closed during the performance.