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  • Thursday 15th November 2018

Roy Chubby Brown

If easily offended please stay away,
This show takes place at 7:30pm,


Roy Chubby Brown was born in Grangetown, Middlesbrough. The son of a steelworker, life may have been tough for our Chubbs, but that only spurred him on to see the world and pursue his ambitions.

After a short stint in the Merchant Navy, Roy followed his passion for music, learned to play drums, joined a band and earned his chops playing the Northern Working Men's Club circuit. 

Once he learned how much more comedians got paid however, he decided to utilize his natural timing and turned to comedy. The band soon broke up leaving Roy and another former member to become Alcock and Brown, named after the famous aviators, and so the flying helmet and goggles were born.

Never one to choose the easy path, Roy's career has travailed many peaks and troughs over the years. His decision to go "completely blue" may have kept him off the telly, but it's sent his DVD sales through the stratosphere and his concerts consistently sold out.

Roy's diverse talents are as much of a dichotomy as the man himself. From writing a song to raise funds for the baby hospice Zoe's Place, to becoming the only person ever to have a hit on Top of the Pops using the F word. He's also been named "the most important comedian of the last 25 years" (A National Joke by Andy Medhurst).

After 3 marriages, 7 kids, and a bout with throat cancer, one of the hardest things for Roy was taking a career slide. PC had taken over and there was no place for an 'Old Style' stand-up who said things you shouldn't laugh at (which, as every comedian knows, only makes them funnier).

There's no keeping our Chubbs down, though: A new, edgier fan base has emerged, brought about in part by The League of Gentlemen. Based in the fictional town of Royston Vasey (Roy's real name) the cult TV series even cast Roy as the mayor. Coming from the highly talented and ground-breaking creators of the show, this is high praise indeed.

For all those who've seen his show, you know this foul-mouthed, near-the-knuckle comedian will take you on a roller coaster ride that will leave your sides aching and your jaw dropping.

For all those who know the man, you will consider yourself fortunate to have met a lovely, modest, gentle man who will have your guts for garters if you dare swear in front of ladies or children. 

Either way, Roy Chubby Brown does not disappoint.

If you want to know more about the man whose life has more patches than his stage costume, we humbly suggest you dive into an autobiography or two available on The Roy Chubby Brown pages at Amazon.

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  • Event Info
  • Thursday 15th November 2018