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  • Friday, 18 February 2022

Catherine Cookson’s The Cinder Path


Written by legendary author Dame Catherine Cookson

The Cinder Path is a sizzling and fast-moving drama, set against the backdrop of WW1

Our tale begins in the rolling hills of Northumberland where Charlie Macfell, becomes an innocent witness to the murder of his cruel and sadistic landowner father. Believing himself to be the only person aware that his childhood friend Arthur Benton is the killer, Charlie attempts to set old injustices to right by protecting his friend from prosecution.

This production carries a cast of 15 brilliant singers and actors and features 

Charles Lawson as Edward McFell (Jim McDonald from Coronation Street) 

Leah Bell as the Geordie Fishwife narrator

This is theatre at its absolute best filled with laughter, tears, a brilliant story, and an unforgettable musical score.

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  • Event Info
  • Friday, 18 February 2022