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  • Tuesday 2nd - Saturday 6th October 2018

Blackadder Goes Forth - Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club

Evening shows start at 7:30pm.

Western France, 1917. Captain Edmund Blackadder, the last recorded descendant of the once mighty Blackadder dynasty, is fed up of doing twenty hour watches with four hours overtime in two feet of water while three-quarters of a million Germans use his nipples for target practice. His companions in misery are the world’s worst war poet, Private Baldrick (cappuccinos a speciality) and upper class idiot Lieutenant George, currently not in possession of the family brain cell.
Blackadder’s cunning plans to escape the horror of the trenches include joining the Royal Flying Corps, becoming the most successful impresario since the manager of the Roman Colosseum thought of putting the Christians and the lions on the same bill and pretending to be insane. But with Field Marshall Haig, General ‘Insanity’ Melchett and the obsequious little desk jockey, Captain Darling masterminding the Big Push, who would notice another madman on the Western Front?
Adapted by Alex Hall from the original TV series by Richard Curtis, Rowan Atkinson, Ben Elton & John Lloyd. With kind permission of the BBC.

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  • Event Info
  • Tuesday 2nd - Saturday 6th October 2018