Abigail's Party

Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club

Abigail's Party

Wednesday 25 - Saturday 28 September 2024



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Plowright Theatre



Abigail's Party: a comedy by Mike Leigh.

Overbearing and pushy suburban housewife Beverly, and her highly strung estate agent husband Laurence, are hosting a drinks party to get to know their new neighbours Angela and Tony. Older divorcee Susan is taking refuge here as not welcome at her house whilst her teenage daughter Abigail, is hosting her own party.

As the drinks begin to flow, tensions quickly rise. Beverly becomes desperate to score points against Laurence and openly flirts with Tony, which only makes Laurence even more neurotic.

Fuelled by Beverly's sniping, Susan's anxiety about what Abigail and her friends might be getting up to reaches fever pitch but Angela continues to sit on the sofa, drink in hand, seemingly oblivious to the chaos unfolding around her.

Cheese and pineapple on sticks or olives; pop music or classical; fashion magazine or Shakespeare; kitsch art or pop impressionism.

This party is hurtling downhill faster than Beverly can top up the drinks and it can only end one way - in tears.